Salt and pepper

28. června 2017 v 16:55 | M* |  *Step by step, day by day*
Have you ever moved to the city of strangers? I guess everybody did this "brave" step in his or her life. I think almost everybody wanted to explore. Go somewhere. Start again. Forgot the past. Move on. Forget about your last lover. Run away. At least, I did it twice this year.

First time I moved to Norway. I wanted to forget the "wrong" person. The drug addict. The bigheaded boy. So I went to Norway and I spent there five beautiful months of forgeting this one meter and fifthy centimeters life living creature. I was hiking, enjoying the beautiful fjords (well, to be honest, I wanted to jump into the fucking fjord and drown myself many times) and meeting new "better" people. Or at least, I though that if they are strange and new they have to be better, just because they are different.

So what I had done was, I found the most different person who I could. The nigerian boy. He was sooooooooooo nice to me. And he liked Eminem and had his own radioshow. Swearing with his fucking hot accent. So different. So guess what. I fall in love with him, because he just didn't want me, and I always want, what I cannot get, but this is different story. To make it short, he broke my heart. In the Clay way. But girl, you have to get to used to it, that people are still doing this fucking shits to you. Always.

For the second time I chosed Iceland, because have you checked the Instagram? Jope, now you know. Now I have my pictures, in my camera and I don't wanna share them with anybody because I feel so fucking depressed and down by everything what happened in this fucking island. The worst thing is, that you are praying for the better day but the better days is not coming just because the sun doesn't come down and the day is the same as before your five hours sleep. Easy as fuck.

So I met new "better" people from the whole world. I had the fresh start again. At least I thought so. I crossed my introvert comfort zone and I opened up for this portugeese friend. We went for a walk talked a lot. And I found in him a good friend. Or I thought I did.

Do you know how amazing is when somebody pass you pepper without asking beacuse he just think you need it - and you really do. So easy, such a small thing. So, when you are fucking alone and you need a friend and this boy really knows when you need salt and when peppper, you tell him everything. And what he will do? He will tell how fucking organization the one in which you are in, it is, every word you told him, to your boss - just because he is afraid that "something wrong is with you".

Thanks. I wanna visit Portugal.

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